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Air Balance Systems

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HVAC Airflow Diagnostics

There are many factors that come into play in airflow testing. A duct system works similar to a water hose. When you turn on your water spicket, the water is supposed to flow out the end of your hose. But if you get even a slight pen hole in the water hose, the flow of your water is altered. The problem with air is, you can't see it. So you can't tell how much air you are losing, without the proper testing. Anyone can run their hand across an area that might be leaking air and put a piece of tape over it. But you still can have many problems in the system that you don't know about. People are losing money each year in poor duct systems and with the world going green, correcting your duct systems is a great place to start.

Leaky Duct Work


There are many locations on a duct system that can be leaking air flow.
Testing is very important to find these areas in order to repair them.
The more air that you are leaking, the less air you are getting out of your vents.
The less air you get, the more your heating or cooling has to work and the more you'll spend in electric bills.

Not up to code

Installing a system not up to code can cost you more money, as well as more problems!
Here is a photo of a unit not up to code, the electrical is all wrong and the unit can't be service and it can't breathe.

The way an install should look!

Here is a photo after we corrected the problem.

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